Mobile Apps

Native IOS, Native Android, as well as Hybrid technologies

Our experienced team are capable of handling development on Swift, Android Studio, Phone Gap, Ionic, and React Native

Websites & Web Apps

Native Php, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Django, Python, ASP.NET

We have extensive experience to work on the technologies mentioned above. We are also comfortable working on open source technologies available on platforms such as Github.

MVP modeling

Raising capital through demonstration of a prototype?

Some entrepreneurs or institutions prefer to build a prototype for concept proofing before investing time and money into developing a whole platform. We do provide an MVP model where we design, and deliver a prototype of your initiative. Contact us for more information

Step 1: Wireframing

The initial phase of any initiative starts with wireframing, where the whole idea will be brainstormed and implemented on a wireframe structure

User test cases

Upon confirmation of the wireframes the client will receive User Test Cases document. This ensures that all features, logics, restrictions, and limitations are addressed. Our test cases are considered the reference point of any software we deliver.

Step 2: Designs

Upon confirmation of the User Test Cases, the client will receive designs of each page of his platform including tutorials, pop ups, errors


After confirming the designs, we will deliver a clickable Demo via platforms such as Invision. Within a short while after releasing the Demo, we deliver a fully interactive prototype with the final features and animations to be included in the scope of work

Step 3: Delivery

The delivery has two or more stages of delivery depending on the requirements. But as a minimum standard each client expects to have a Beta Delivery: This includes at least 70% of the platform. After completing the development process the software will be on Alpha mode which is basically stable enough to go live upon the client scheduled release date

90 days Warranty

We are confident that our platforms are stable upon confirmation of the Alpha mode. Therefore every client will have a 90 days warranty free of charge. The warranty covers fixing any bug or mis-logic discovered during the period. Beyond the 90 days warranty, we recommend that our clients opt to our Annual Maintenance Contract


Stages of starting

Below is the standard flow of starting your customized solution with us


Brainstorm meeting

We welcome you into our office to host a brainstorm session to clarify your requirements. Each meeting will kick off with an NDA form to protect your rights, and followed up by a questionnaire that helps set up mutual understanding of the scope


Time & Cost Estimates

Within 3 days from confirming the scope you will receive a detailed proposal with every detail discussed. The proposal will include the timeframe and the budget of the project with the payments milestones and deliverables


Operational Kick off

Clients can start preparation of operation as soon as the prototypes are delivered. This includes defining terms and conditions to users, legal contracts with vendors, advertising pricing, pricing, business model, and feasibility planning.

Inquire and get quotation within 5 days

Fill your information, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and quote you accordingly

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